Effective Rewards System to Motivate Employees in Automotive Industry

Having a motivated workforce is essential for success in every competitive business including the automotive industry, where innovation, efficiency, and quality are essential. When motivating employees and improving overall performance, an efficient reward system may make all the difference. Beyond monetary compensation, it appeals to people’s innate motives for doing well in their jobs.

Internal knowledge transfer is often not given enough attention in the automotive industry, although many employees have excellent information and abilities. This problem may be solved by implementing VIMIGO to promote a culture of ongoing learning and skill development by rewarding information sharing and mentoring.

Management bottlenecks occur in many automotive companies because the manager is usually busy and hesitant to delegate. This slows and inefficiently makes decisions. VIMIGO system helps to inspire employees to assume greater responsibility and demonstrate leadership abilities by rewarding and recognising staff members who take the initiative and take leadership.

Digital transformation is essential for staying competitive in the automotive industry. VIMIGO rewards system can be tailored to encourage innovation and the adoption of new technologies by offering incentives for employees who actively contribute to digitisation efforts and stay updated with industry trends.

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Top 3 Challenges in Automotive Industry

Lack of Technique Transfer

  • Insufficient focus on internal knowledge transfer
  • Lack of effective training mechanisms
  • Senior employees unwilling to mentor junior

Boss is always busy

  • Lack of systematic management Reluctance to delegate full authority to employees
  • Unable to step away from monitoring quality

Inability to Transform

  • Lack of digitization
  • Lack of support in terms of talent and technology
  • Unawareness of the root causes of problems


Before vs After

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

The old management approach, lacking both systems and data, makes it difficult to see the true performance of employees, creating an unfair environment. The equal sharing of bonuses has led to employees feeling unjustly treated, resulting in a lack of dedication from experienced automotive technicians.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Euro Art Tuning achieved 30% performance growth , VIMIGO provides a transparent profit-sharing system, allowing clear visibility into who is truly performing and who is merely putting on a show. Through vimiGoal, employees and the company fulfill their committed goals, rewarding high-performing employees and enabling underperforming ones to recognize and improve their shortcomings.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

The workforce has increased, but performance hasn't. Most employees in the company are foreign workers with a lack of enthusiasm, unwillingness to work overtime, and a desire to take advantage of every benefit.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Shield Smith define employee ability through vimiGoal, and lets employees see what results they can achieve and the rewards they can receive. Performance becomes the driving force, turning benefits into motivation.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

Employees who have been with the company for over 40 years are unable to align with the second-generation successors. The old strategy of equal division has resulted in talent retention issues, low employee efficiency, and a lack of motivation.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

After the rapid expansion of the O2O automotive repair portal, service quality and efficiency have declined compared to before.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Carsuka implemented four reward systems through vimigo,,allowing employees to fulfill their responsibilities.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

Despite hiring many salespeople, the boss remains the company's top salesperson, and the team's abilities are lacking, with employees lacking trust in the boss and the company.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Taiping Premier Cars uses vimiGoal to set performance targets for individuals and teams, abandoning the traditional commission-based system of selling cars. This motivates employees to sell more vehicles and believe in the company.


Clear & Specific Goals

Maintenance workers often lose tools, leading to the company having to bear the cost of purchasing new ones. The boss or management can set vimiGoal, such as submitting a monthly checklist without any losses, to reward workers who take care of their tools.

Goal setting helps employees understand their tasks and expectations, motivating them to work harder, improve productivity, enhance work quality, and strengthen the company’s competitiveness and market position.


Individual or Multi-level Incentive Systems

In addition to sales and marketing positions, management can set vimiSales individual commissions for car wash workers, encouraging them to proactively promote products to customers.

This helps identify and motivate outstanding employees, improve overall performance, and lay a solid foundation for the company’s development.


Empowering Future

The Employee Welfare Fund (EWF) is a long-term reward mechanism. If employees meet the criteria, a portion of the reward is automatically allocated to their personal fund account. When a certain amount is reached, employees can apply for withdrawals to fulfill their dreams of buying a car, a house, traveling, or further education.

This helps employees realize their future life plans. When employees can see their future within the company and have ambitious goals and dreams, they will be more motivated to contribute to the company’s development, thereby achieving mutual growth for both individuals and the organization.

“After implementing this system, I feel much more relaxed than before. They come to work on time every day. They can see their commissions every day, which motivates them to work diligently.“

NG Brothers Motorcity - Mr Ng, Director


Career Roadmap

Employees gain a clear understanding of their career development direction and prospects within the company. This can be achieved through establishing clear career advancement plans, providing training and development opportunities, and promoting employee growth and commitment.

In the automotive industry, vimiRoadmap provides a mentorship program that allows technicians to progress from entry-level positions to master level, with profit-sharing incentives. It also encourages senior employees to pass down their experience and skills to nurture new talent.


Stronger Teamwork

The vimiTeam team commission system aligns individual interests with collective interests, encouraging collaboration and division of tasks, particularly suitable for multiple workers jointly repairing a vehicle. If the team receives positive feedback from customers, team members can receive additional rewards.

Setting common goals for the team, making team performance an integral part of team objectives, and linking it to performance rewards, promotes mutual cooperation and collaboration among team members, strengthening team spirit and enhancing overall team performance.

“ I used to urge them to generate invoices, but now it's the employees urging me. The atmosphere in our company is becoming happier. We have also surpassed our annual performance in just 1 month.”

Euro Art Tuning - Ah Boon, Founder

By Delivering The Right Activity at the Right Time, vimigo customers see:


Better Productivity


Improved Team Culture​


Sales Improved


Better Performance


TPC:The systematic and data-driven approach ensures that the right incentives are distributed to the right individuals.

Euro Art Tuning: After implementing vimigo, our sales revenue has increased by 30%

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