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Point Based Rewards For SME Employee Recognition System

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, companies encounter challenges such as inconsistent employee performance, talent retention, and cost control. In fact, establishing an SME employee recognition system, specifically a point-based reward system, can be a powerful tool for businesses to address these challenges and improve their operations.

This VIMIGO feature is an effective way to celebrate successes and acknowledge employees for their accomplishments. More importantly, this feature can enhance employee performance, increasing efficiency and quality. It can also improve employee happiness in the longer term, leading to benefits such as increased productivity, decreased turnover, and improved morale. By reducing employee turnover, companies can save money in the long run, addressing the challenge of cost control.

Additionally, this feature fosters a positive work environment that encourages employees to stay with the company. By acknowledging and rewarding staff for their efforts, this feature creates a culture of appreciation and support. As a result, workers feel supported and appreciated in their positions, which helps solve the problem of talent retention. Hence, businesses can improve operations and create a workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent.

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Points-based Rewards

Diamond is a performance reward point system exclusive to your company. It can be earned through completing tasks and timely attendance, and can be redeemed within the system for honors, accolades, and other symbols of recognition, showcasing professional charm and abilities.


Establishing employee future accounts to create a community of shared benefits

This aligns employees and the company together. When employees see the growth of their account balance, they believe in and actively create higher value.


Igniting Competitiveness & Driving Performance

Implementing a performance-based ranking system (PK system) increases the spirit of challenge, resolves employee morale issues, and organizes a highly efficient and vibrant organization.


Empowering Future

Assist employees in planning their future blueprint and provide internal entrepreneurial opportunities to fulfill their dreams with our point based reward system.


Demonstrating strength & surpassing mediocrity

An employee strength ranking board allows bosses and employees to have a clear understanding of team progress. Recognizing and acknowledging top-performing employees while others see the gaps, stimulates employees’ competitiveness and potential to move forward.

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vimigo system implementation led to increased departmental efficiency, self-driven work, and a 30-40% boost in company performance without constant supervision.

WIN WIN TRADING (Retail) - - Hii Sun Ming, Director

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