vimigo’s mission is to empower small and medium-sized businesses to thrive and prosper by harnessing the power of technology to motivate and retain good team members. Happy workers, happy bottom line.


Leading in Performance Reward System

vimigo helps to provide solutions and solve important issues in a company’s management, such as sales growth and overall organisation. vimigo also assists in the development of clear sales and marketing systems for the teams to follow and achieve their company goals.

Is your company facing these problem?

Employees are your company’s No. 1 asset. SMEs, on the other hand frequently lack proven methods in rewarding their employees, causing employees to do just the bare minimum.

Low Employee Engagement

Employees rarely interact and engage with each other due to lack of teamwork. Thus, team members are not proactive or self-driven in contributing themselves to the growth of the company.

Insufficient salary, increment and bonus transparency

Employees who are treated unfairly may feel demotivated. This will break the trust between employers and employees and lead to a negative environment.

Poor Employee Retention

Employees fail to see the value and purpose of their work, without this clear purpose employees will look for opportunities elsewhere.

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Empower your team to achieve amazing results

Introducing vimigo - a performance rewards system which helps Small-and-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to empower their workforce so that they can align their people to achieve amazing results, anytime, anywhere, anyday.

Bringing together the power of education and technology, vimigo helps SMEs:

Improve Talent Retention

Attract great talents and improve employee retention and loyalty

Increase Productivity

Motivate employees to unleash their passions and full potential at work

Improve Teamwork

Improve teamwork and align your team with your vision

Enhance Clarity

Empower entrepreneurs to convert their vision to goals and set a clear purpose for their team members

Result Driven Rewarding

Calculate collective bonus and commissions based on the results achieved by your team

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Performance rewarding system
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What did our clients say?

Public Welder Corporate
Welding Industry
After using vimigo for 3 months, my staff have become more proactive and sales have increased 50%. vimigo helps me create a better future for my people — a win-win situation for both the company and the employees.

What did our clients say?

Diagon Alley (The Alley)
Retail Industry
As a HR Director, managing hundreds of employees is indeed a challenge. Now with vimigo, I no longer have to keep reminding our staff to hand in their reports. I’m also able to know their attendance through the app. This convenience makes my job much easier than ever.

What did our clients say?

FR Freight
Logistic Industry
Service line heavily depends on people. Before this, my staff were unclear about their job responsibilities. After implementing vimigo, everyone is clear and is able to put the right focus on the right thing. I’m more at ease in managing my people and my company.

What did our clients say?

Sentel Jaya
Car service Industry
vimigo not only helps me set up fair bonus and commission structure to reward my people, but also dismiss those “bad apples” which eat up my company’s resources

What did our clients say?

Ng Kim Heng
Audit Firm Industry
After using vimigo for a year, my company has grown from 20+ employees to 40+. Previously they complained to me about a lack of manpower. Now, they said there isn’t enough workload for them to work on!

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A Performance Rewards System that Embraces the Essence of KPI and OKR

Motivate your people to strive for greater achievement using our performance rewards concept without you closely monitoring them.

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