vimigo’s mission is to empower small and medium-sized businesses to thrive and prosper by harnessing the power of technology to motivate and retain good team members. Happy workers, happy bottom line.


Plans & Pricing

We offer 3 packages to cater for different
needs of our customers!

Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.

vimigo Standard Plan
RM 1280

Monthly Package

  • <20 million turnover
    per company

  • <50 Users

  • RM30 per month, per user


vimigo Medium Plan
RM 2360

Monthly Package

  • 20-50 million turnover
    per company

  • >100 Users

  • RM30 per month, per user


vimigo MAX Plan
RM 4270

Monthly Package

  • 50 million turnover
    per company

  • >200 Users

  • RM10 per month, per user


  • Daily | Monthly | Quarterly | 4 months | 6 months | Yearly intervals
  • Sales vimiBank | Individual & bulk update | Sales amount | Unlimited commission
  • Multiple tiers vimiSales per user | Traditional formula | Standard vimigo formula | Accumulative formula | Reverse formula.


  • Monthly | Daily | Quarterly | 4 months | 6 months | Yearly intervals
  • Goal scoring | Goal vimiBank | Item & commission goal reward | Multiple vimiGoal per person


  • Monthly | Daily | Quarterly | 4 months | 6 months | Yearly intervals
  • Sales type vimiTeam | Service type vimiTeam | vimiTeam (Bank A & B)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vimigo?

vimigo is a transparent performance reward system to help SMEs better manage human resources, increase productivity, and improve employee retention.

People are the asset of the company, and vimigo is ready to empower your company and your workforce to grow to the next level!

How would vimigo help my company?

vimigo is a performance reward system which helps you regulate performance rewarding in your company. This is to motivate your people so everyone strives to contribute his/her best to the company. As a boss, you no longer need to worry about making decisions on who you should reward or who you should terminate, for the system already has the data and the data are transparent to everyone -- no argument, no dispute, no hassle. You let their results speak for themselves.

In the long run, you as the boss will have more time to work on something which is more meaningful. Together everyone is driven towards your company's vision. This benefit alone, we believe, will overweigh the price of the system per se, because even hiring a full-time admin for 2k/month isn't necessarily able to help you manage performance rewarding in a company.

Does this system fit my industry?

vimigo was originally invented to solve challenges faced by Malaysian SMEs. In fact, we have customers from over 30 different industries using our system. No matter what industry you're in, the underlying performance rewarding concept applies.

Who is the founder of vimigo?

Shane Mun, the Founder & CEO of vimigo & Big Bath, has more than 15 years of experience managing a SME company with over 100 employees.

I just started up my company recently, I don't have many staff. Does it still suit me?

Yes. vimigo suits companies with less than 10 people. With vimigo to help you manage the rewards system and equip you with statistics, you will have better clarity to make better decisions anytime, anywhere. 

Is vimigo a KPI system?

vimigo is the performance rewarding system that embraces the essence of KPI and OKR. Coupled with the performance rewarding, vimigo becomes a unique system that allows SMEs to utilize based on their own needs.

Is vimigo certified by HRDF?

Yes. Our full training course is HRDF claimable.

Can I get any subsidy from any grant if I want to kickstart the system in my company?

Yes, the government provides subsidies for SMEs to invest in digital services, with terms and conditions applied. Kindly contact our sales consultant for more information.

Can I use vimigo to monitor my business in different branches?

Yes of course, you can monitor the performance of different branches through the vimigo system. All data will be available at your fingertip, you won't need to visit the branches to review the performance anymore!

What's the price range for the subscription?

We offer different plans to cater for the needs of different SMEs, depending on the company’s size and annual turnover. vimigo monthly subscription ranges between RM1k-5k. Full features are available for all plans chosen.

Do you provide a demo account or trial?

We used to provide a demo account and trial. Based on our experience, however, we found out that the best way to explain the vimigo concept to our customers is via our weekly preview. So to better show you the fundamental idea of how the system works, we welcome you to join our weekly online live preview.

How can I get the preview link?

Thanks for your support! Once you have made the payment and your registration is successful, our system will automatically send the e-ticket & invoice to your mailbox. Please also check your junk or spam mail, in case you can't find it in your inbox.

What plan or package do you offer?

We offer 3 plans -- vimigo Standard Plan, vimigo Medium Plan, and vimigo MAX Plan -- to cater for different needs of SME companies

What features do you provide for each plan?

To provide great value to our customers, we make full features available for all plans.

Does your app support payroll management?

vimigo app supports integration with partners like autocount, SQL, UBS, EasySales, GreenPlus, Kakitangan, SAP Business One, and many more.