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2nd Automotive Industry Summit:
How to Motivate Technical Staff?

In October 2023, the much-awaited Tesla Model 3 was available for order, marking a new era in Malaysia’s EV market. This trend promises groundbreaking innovation in the local automotive supply chain. In today’s fast-evolving times, how should SMEs in the automotive sector race against time, ensuring their technical teams are at the cutting edge and not left behind?

Not just the entrepreneurs need to keep up with future trends and refine their strategies, but also the teams need to enhance their competencies for superior customer service. For those in the traditional car industry, cultivating professionals in fields like energy vehicles, autonomous driving technology, and AI, poses a significant challenge.

During the2nd Automotive Industry Summit on 4th October, Su Wan from VimiCoach and other industry experts delved into strategies for motivating staff to escalate their abilities, ensuring companies always stay updated.

Eric, who was from the car repair industry, acknowledged that the transformation within the automotive world in recent years necessitates continuous learning and adaptation. Unlike before, when experienced technicians could diagnose issues through engine noises, modern car maintenance depends on software configurations, hence requiring a different set of skills.

Su Wan highlighted that major players in the automotive arena have their own academy to foster talent development and ensure a steady supply of skilled professionals. However, SMEs often face budget constraints and limited resources, struggling with bearing expenses of long-term talent development. He suggested that automotive business owners can start with optimizing their business workflow and implementing training models to encourage knowledge retention and transfer. In addition, hiring personnel from third-party training centers can be an alternative solution to provide new blood to the company.

Furthermore, Su Wan underscores the importance of conducting weekly reviews with team members, affirming alignment with the company’s strategic direction and goals.

After attending VIMIGO 1st Automotive Industry Summit, Adrian Kok who is in the car coating industry returned home with an idea of setting up a training model. He found unused car doors as training materials, and asked his new staff to learn car tinting techniques in 2 weeks.

“In the past, the learning curve could be as long as a year, and mistakes weren’t uncommon, often resulting in financial losses. With this dedicated training ground, I can comfortably let trainees to practice, ensuring they’re proficient before servicing our clients,” Adrian added.

About evaluating staff performance, Adrian was inclined towards a holistic approach. “To me, result alone isn’t the only factor. I believe supervisors shouldn’t judge based on performance alone. It’s vital to consider an individual’s core value, competence, emotional intelligence, and aptitudes for a rounded assessment.”

    Indeed, good fit for important roles requires both ethical and professional excellence. While results are crucial, emotional intelligence and teamwork shouldn’t be undermined. A right talent should encompass professional expertise, ethical standards, and communication skills, all contributing to positive team dynamics and company’s growth.

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