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Taiping Premier Cars Sdn Bhd: If I had discovered vimigo earlier, I would already be traveling the world

TPC utilizes the Vimigo performance incentive system to broaden employees’ perspectives, enhance team thinking, and unify the company’s spirit and goals.

Case Study:Taiping Premier Cars Sdn Bhd

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"Witnessing significant changes in employees' mindset, expanding horizons, and achieving common goals, TPC confidently delegates work to its employees and steps aside."

Taiping Premier Cars, Founder - Eason


Company has hired a significant number of salespeople, but the boss remains the top salesperson in the company.


The team lacks capabilities and cohesion.



Employees lack trust in the boss and the company.




vimigo Solution

Objectives for individual and team performance have been established, abandoning the traditional commission-based system of “sell more, earn more” to motivate employees to sell more cars.

The company has implemented the ODDA program, allowing employees to share their expertise and knowledge through a knowledge-sharing platform.

The distribution of bonuses has been made transparent through a system that allows employees to see the exact amount of year-end bonuses they will receive.

TPC utilizes the vimigo performance incentive system to broaden employees’ perspectives, enhance team thinking, and unify the company’s spirit and goals.

TPC Recon Cars was established in 2016 and is the first licensed Recond Car factory in Taiping, Malaysia. “Recon” refers to refurbished second-hand cars imported from abroad, typically from countries like Japan or Germany. These cars are usually sourced and sold by local parallel car traders, offering the most luxurious specifications at the lowest prices. TPC Recon Cars provides professional one-on-one consultation, 4S services, and expert after-sales technical support.


Utilizing vimigoal enables employees to autonomously drive performance

A few months later, TPC’s founder, Eason, starts to feel something is not right. Despite hiring salespeople, most of the dealership’s sales are still made by him. Whenever he is not present, the dealership experiences a lack of sales. Eason realizes that many customers are specifically coming to buy cars from him, earning him a substantial amount of money but leaving him with no personal time. At this point, he questions the purpose of running his business.

In order to boost the motivation of the sales team, Eason introduces vimiGoals and vimiTeams for each salesperson and their respective teams. Hitting these goals allows them to receive additional bonus rewards. This approach encourages them to proactively sell more cars for the company because the performance incentive system enables them to earn extra bonuses on top of their regular commissions. This serves as a motivation for them to sell more cars, accumulate more points, and earn additional bonus rewards.


Transparent bonuses distribution

The most frustrating time for both the employer and employees is before the distribution of bonuses because there is a lack of data to determine the best-performing employees. After the distribution of bonuses, it becomes equally frustrating as employees may start feeling discontented and unmotivated. To address these issues, TPC implements Vimigo’s transparent bonus distribution system, which digitizes employees’ work performance. The year-end bonuses are stored in the vimiBank, allowing employees to see how much they will receive without needing to ask the boss, fostering trust that the boss will not make unrealistic promises.

Using vimigo's mindset, the company aims to transform employees' thinking and execute the corporate visitation plan while encouraging knowledge sharing among team members.

The team’s lack of problem-solving abilities has become a concern for the boss, who often finds themselves handling various issues in addition to worrying about performance. To address this, the boss starts to delegate problem-solving tasks to employees and organizes team visits to other companies under the ODDA program. This allows them to learn different business models and tackle diverse market challenges. Furthermore, employees are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences on the platform.

Realizing that aligning employees’ mindset and direction with the company’s goals cannot be solely achieved through systems, EASON decides to lead the team in attending Vimigo’s course titled “Money is King.” This course, facilitated by experienced and authoritative instructors, aims to elevate their perspectives and thinking. After the course, employees undergo a significant shift in mindset. They no longer prioritize their individual interests at the expense of others. The company now resembles a football team, where everyone supports and pushes each other towards the same direction and goals.

Results after implementing vimigo​

Since 2021, TPC officially launched the Vimigo performance incentive program. After six months, the company successfully addressed the issues of transparent goals and rewards, improved employee mindset, and moved forward together.

  1. Boosting salesperson motivation:TPC implemented a multi-tiered commission system and performance targets, moving away from the traditional “sell more, earn more” approach. This encourages employees to actively challenge higher sales targets.
  2. Clearer goals

    Employees can easily lose their sense of direction when faced with repetitive daily tasks, resulting in a sense of aimlessness. Through vimiGoal, clear performance targets are established, helping employees stay focused on their daily responsibilities.

  3. Transparent bonus distribution: Employees need to see the actual rewards they can earn to trust the boss and the company. With the transparent “bank account” of vimiBank, employees can see their earnings, thus motivating them to work harder.
  4. Enhancing employee mindset:While systems are easy to use, improving mindset is a challenging task. TPC takes the team to participate in the “Money is King” program, which helps employees expand their perspectives, elevate their thinking, and work towards common goals, fostering a more motivated team.

"Witnessing significant changes in employees' mindset, expanding horizons, and achieving common goals, TPC confidently delegates work to its employees and steps aside."

Taiping Premier Cars, Founder - Eason

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