Enhance the Efficiency Using Reward Based Performance Management System for Employees in F&B Service Industry

Utilising the potential of an employee reward-based performance management system has become a game-changer for organisations seeking excellence in the ever-changing F&B service industry. This strategic approach not only empowers personnel but also improves operational effectiveness as a whole.

By implementing a comprehensive digital platform such as VIMIGO, businesses can revolutionise how they motivate and evaluate employees. This cutting-edge system incorporates data from multiple operational aspects, such as procurement, locations, production, and logistics, enabling organisations to gain invaluable insights into employee performance.

In this competitive environment, a well-designed reward system is of paramount importance. The digital capabilities of VIMIGO allow businesses to create transparent and performance-based compensation structures. From front-line workers to managers, employees can see the connection between their contributions and rewards, which motivates them to excel consistently.

Performance and compensation are complementary. Incorporating VIMIGO’s digital expertise enables businesses in the F&B service industry to establish equitable and motivating compensation structures. By aligning performance metrics with incentives, organisations cultivate a culture of excellence and accountability crucial to attaining and maintaining success in this dynamic industry. VIMIGO is a key enabler of this journey towards employee excellence and operational efficiency. Contact us now!

Top 3 Challenges in F&B Industry

Talent Acquisition 

  • Long working hours
  • High employee turnover increasing recruitment costs.

Slow replication by outlet managers.

  • Reluctance of senior employees to mentor junior
  • Lack of systematic corporate knowledge
  • Absence of incentive mechanisms & team spirit

Rising costs & reduced profits

  • Material waste
  • Excessive inventory occupying warehouse space & capital
  • Ineffective cost control


Before vs After

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

Employees lack opportunities for growth and cannot obtain recognition and promotion, which may lead them to seek better opportunities and leave, resulting in a high employee turnover rate. More time and resources need to be spent on recruiting and training new employees, thereby increasing the company's costs.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Establish transparent performance assessment standards so that employees are clear about the standards they need to meet in order to receive rewards. This can increase employees’ motivation and sense of responsibility, as well as their trust and willingness to stay with the company.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

Employees lack skills and knowledge, leading to a decline in food quality, poor service quality, customer complaints, and damage to the company's reputation.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Develop specific training plans and provide training and development opportunities, such as participating in training courses, gaining internship experience, attending seminars, and so on. Employees can improve their skills, work efficiency, and quality through participation in these training and development activities, thereby earning performance rewards.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

Instability in food quality may result in customer dissatisfaction and a shift to other competitors, which can also lead to a decline in performance.

After Implementing VIMIGO

By strengthening employee training, employee performance can be improved, leading to more rewards and recognition.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

The F&B industry needs comprehensive management of restaurant operations, including equipment maintenance, venue leasing, marketing activities, etc., to improve operational efficiency and quality while reducing waste and costs.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Set clear work goals for employees, such as the number of special meals sold by waitstaff, the number of gifts, the number of membership cards, etc., to increase average spending per customer and customer retention.


Clear & Specific Goals

The F&B industry combines products and services. Therefore, when setting work goals for employees using vimiGoal, “results-oriented” goals can be included, such as the number of special meals sold by waitstaff, the number of gifts, the number of membership cards, etc., to increase average spending per customer and customer retention rate.


Individual or Multi-level Incentive Systems

vimiSales help to stimulate team motivation. Employees can only receive rewards for reaching the next sales goal level.

“vimiGoal acts like a navigation tool, allowing employees to clearly know their targets and start taking initiatives to perform tasks better.”

Golden Choice - Elvin Lim, Founder


Improve management efficiency & productivity.

vimiCheck-in is a great tool for catering operators with multiple branches. Owners and management can know the attendance rate of employees without the need for frequent visits to the stores. HR can calculate employee overtime pay directly from the reports of vimiCheck-in, reducing the workload and human errors associated with manual attendance records.


Improved Teamwork

vimiTeam, a team commission system, can help motivate back-end employees such as chefs, food preparers, and cleaning staff. As long as the overall performance of the branch meets the target, back-end employees also have the opportunity to be recognized and rewarded.

“After implementing VIMIGO employees feel appreciated and become more proactive. The boss can also see the efforts of employees through VIMIGO and recognize the right employees.”

Mufaiirif Farming - Brennick, RIsk Controller

By Delivering The Right Activity at the Right Time, vimigo customers see:


Better Productivity


Improved Team Culture​


Sales Improved


Better Performance


Uptown Hokkien Mee: “After implementing VIMIGO , employees feel acknowledged and become proactive. Employers can see employees’ efforts through VIMIGO and appreciate the performing employees”

The Alley: “Work hard once, enjoy the benefits for a lifetime. With vimiCheckin, we can track employees’ attendance and let our HR department resolve many employee-related issues.”

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