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Enhance HR Management System with Employee Attendance Monitoring Software

Discover the power of VIMIGO, a complete HR management system with attendance monitoring software that will revolutionise the way you manage your employees. VIMIGO offers a suite of features dedicated to employee and compensation management, significantly improving administrative efficiency while enhancing the overall work experience for your employees.

The era of laborious paperwork and manual attendance monitoring is over. With the help of our attendance tracking system, you can easily keep track of and manage your employees’ attendance records. Embrace a simplified, digital solution that increases productivity and bids farewell to tedious processes and human error.

Our VIMIGO software has a number of powerful features that are intended to improve the efficiency of your business. We have you covered for everything from payroll administration to employee onboarding. You may not only save time and money by digitising your HR procedures but also improve workplace morale and efficiency.

Experience the revolutionary impact of cutting-edge employee attendance tracking software by switching to VIMIGO system. Utilise the full potential of your team to further your company’s success. Utilise VIMIGO to take your HR administration to new levels.



Smart clock-in for easy attendance.

The vimiCheck-in feature utilizes GPS positioning to ensure punctual clock-ins, reducing lateness and missed punches. This enhances work efficiency and quality while minimizing management issues.

vimiClaims (Coming Soon)

Simplify the tedious reimbursement process.

vimiClaim simplifies the reimbursement process, making it easy for employees to submit claims. The efficient and user-friendly reimbursement function saves employees time, allowing them to focus on their work.

Payroll System (Powered by Payroll Ana)

Smart payroll management system for effortless salary processing.

Payroll Ana system employs intelligent tools and functions to process salary-related tasks quickly and accurately. This improves work efficiency, reduces labor costs, and streamlines your payroll management, making it easier and more efficient.

Support every role to Level-UP​ !

vimigo system implementation led to increased departmental efficiency, self-driven work, and a 30-40% boost in company performance without constant supervision.

WIN WIN TRADING (Retail) - - Hii Sun Ming, Director

By Delivering The Right Activity at the Right Time, vimigo customers see:


Better Productivity


Improved Team Culture​


Sales Improved


Better Performance

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