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From Local Auto Shop to BMW & Ford Designated Service Center: The Success Story in Sabah

During the MCO, with the courage to implement vimigo, Ah Boon, the founder of Euro Art Tuning Sdn Bhd, successfully transformed the business into a designated service center for BMW and Ford. He has also become a practical mentor in the automotive repair industry, sharing real-world experience and insights into the Easis internal system.

From Local Auto Shop to BMW & Ford Designated Service Center: The Success Story in Sabah


vimigo Online Software Preview

Busy Auto Repair Boss Successfully Implements vimigo

Shane Mun, CEO of vimigo, meeting Foo Boon Hoi (Ah Boon), the founder of Euro Art Tuning Sdn Bhd from Tawau, Sabah. When MCO started in 2020, he joined our online preview and decided to start implementing vimigo. At that time, there were no physical classes, everything was online. For a very busy auto repair boss like him, spending weeks in front of a computer attending Zoom classes and diligently implementing the system was no easy feat.


“Recently, when I visited Ah Boon’s auto repair shop in Tawau, I was greeted with a warm “Selamat Datang – Welcome” from the receptionist as I entered his office.” Shane says. Two years ago, he actively asked questions in our weekly FB Live about how to motivate his team and how to encourage employees in small towns to step out of their comfort zone. Shane would earnestly attend to every of his questions.

Car Workshop turned to BMW and Ford Designated Service Center

Shane praised Ah Boon, “Today, I witnessed how he applied vimigo and achieved success. His core team has expanded, and business is booming. I was genuinely happy for him. It was touching to see him present his vision and mission. Now his workshop turns into a designated service center for BMW and Ford. He’s even partnering with top global electric car brands.”

“The moment I landed in Tawau, Ah Boon was with me, showing me around the city. He pointed out to me, “Shane, that one is your client, so is that one, and that one is your long-time client.” We stopped by a coffee shop, and he introduced me to the owner, who had also started using vimigo a few months ago and shared his success stories.”

“Ah Boon really knows our customers better than I do, the ones who have implemented our system.” added Shane. He has never received any monetary benefit from us, nor has he ever asked for a commission. It’s clear to me that he sincerely wants to help his peers solve their problems. This reminds me of the co-founder of QL Resources Berhad, Mr. Chia, who shares the idea of an abundant mindset. It’s all about creating value for others, showing gratitude, and putting the common good before self-interest.

This year, Ah Boon has also become a mentor in the auto repair industry. He shares his successes and failures, and his Easis system, with his peers in the hope of passing on his knowledge.

“When we decide to become an educator, we should be willing to take on the responsibility.” says Shane Mun and Ah Boon. “Treat teaching as your hobby and you will enjoy it.”

Thanks to all vimigo customers, like Ah Boon who is willing to share his own experience.

Implementing vimigo Requires Practical Application

Businesses need to take it step by step, the same goes to implementing vimigo performance rewards. It’s not enough to just take a 3-day class, subscribe to the system, and pay the fees as if all problems will automatically be solved. Actual implementation is still required. Only then the system can be deeply ingrained in the business itself, not merely serving as a tool.

Vimigo – Vision- Mission-Goal !

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