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When managing a successful business, rewarding employees based on their good performance is crucial. These incentives based on performance catalyse employees to strive for excellence and achieve superior results. Still, they also serve to retain top talent and enhance the overall corporate culture. By acknowledging and compensating outstanding job performance, employees experience a sense of being valued and esteemed, which, in turn, can lead to heightened job satisfaction and foster a deep-seated commitment to the organisation.

There are many different ways to implement this hr performance management software, and finding the right approach for your business is important. Some standard options include bonuses, promotions, public recognition, and additional time off. However, ensuring that the rewards are meaningful and aligned with the company’s goals and values is important. For example, a bonus system that rewards employees for meeting specific targets can be effective, but it’s essential to ensure that the targets are realistic and achievable.
This feature is a win-win for both employees and employers. While a culture of recognition is crucial, employee performance evaluation software can further enhance morale, productivity, and overall success by streamlining feedback, goal tracking, and recognition efforts.

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Focus on clear objectives, with results-oriented guidance

Clarify the objectives and rewards to encourage employees to naturally and voluntarily advance towards their goals. Reward good employee and let the bad ones walk away on their own.


Sales commissions stimulate sales enthusiasm

The personal reward system/multi-level reward system ensures those who do more earn more, and those who do less earn less. The concept of “more work, more gain” allows employees to see their future bonuses.


Stimulate competitiveness to boost performance

Implement a PK system to increase the spirit of challenge and resolve morale issues among employees. Organize a “wolf-like” combat force to make the organization more efficient and dynamic.


Without a good Support Team, there can be no successful sales team

Resolve the team spirit and tie the interests of every department, such as the sales department, accounting department, service department, production department, and delivery department, together


Demonstrate strength and surpass mediocrity

An employee strength leaderboard is simple and fast, allowing bosses and employees to clearly understand the team’s progress. Good employees are seen and recognized, while others see the gap, stimulating employee competitiveness and potential to surge forward.

Support every role to Level-UP !

vimigo system implementation led to increased departmental efficiency, self-driven work, and a 30-40% boost in company performance without constant supervision.

WIN WIN TRADING (Retail) - - Hii Sun Ming, Director

By Delivering The Right Activity at the Right Time, vimigo customers see:


Better Productivity


Improved Team Culture​


Sales Improved


Better Performance

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