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Common Mistakes of Car Repair Shop Owner

Over the years, they have been searching for this answer...

Common Mistakes of Car Repair Shop Owner

Many car repair shop owners, after purchasing vimigo software, realize that their accounting is actually the biggest problem in their shop.

They struggle with keeping track of finances and maintaining clear financial records. They often lack understanding in calculating costs and fail to properly allocate funds. This leads to a lack of financial clarity and hampers the ability to manage the shop effectively.

The reason for these accounting difficulties is often attributed to the absence of digital transformation. Many owners still rely on intuition and guesswork instead of adopting digital solutions.

While car repair is their area of expertise, managing the financial aspects of their shop is not. Today, as repair shop owners gather, it is important for them to recognize that their role extends beyond just repairing cars. They need to focus on managing the entire shop and not just the technical aspects of the work.

During the past two days at the [ Vimigo x Easis Implementation Workshop ] attendees initially thought they were simply purchasing software. However, they soon realized that this software had the potential to improve their company’s management and operational practices.

Foo Boon Hoi, the Founder of Easis and Euro Art Tuning, shared his practical experience and achievements from the past three years of transforming and systematizing his businesses. He emphasized the importance of implementing systematic and data-driven approaches in managing enterprises, starting from the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

One participant even exclaimed:

”This formula is something we have been searching for tirelessly for many years, and today we have finally found the answer!

vimigo and Easis are like the key to their success. They are the crucial key that unlocks the future for them. Without this key, all their efforts and hard work would be in vain.

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