vimigo’s mission is to empower small and medium-sized businesses to thrive and prosper by harnessing the power of technology to motivate and retain good team members. Happy workers, happy bottom line.


"Most people believe it because they see it, but only very few believe it until they see it."



To achieve win-win between good employers and employees.



  • To become the No. 1 Performance Rewards System
  • Malaysia as the starting point, ASEAN as the target, the world as the destination.

    Vision Mission Goal

    Experience the Best and Effective Employee Performance Management and Reward System

    Achieving optimal results in any organisation requires implementing the best and most effective performance management and reward system. But what makes this system genuinely effective? It’s the ability to seamlessly integrate with a rewarding mechanism that recognises and celebrates achievements. Our VIMIGO team continues to enhance the employee performance management system, beyond traditional annual reviews and monetary compensation. It includes a comprehensive strategy promoting constant development, employee commitment, and organisational expansion. With this strategy, objectives are defined clearly, feedback is given often, and chances for growth are presented. Employees are more driven to succeed since they are made aware of their duties in this way.

    Trust in our expertise and discover the power of the VIMIGO system that has transformed over 1250+ SMEs nationwide, spanning the Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, and beyond. Since 2018, our team has been at the forefront of delivering excellence with our best performance management system in Malaysia, helping businesses of all sizes, from as few as 8 employees to over 1000, achieve remarkable results. To maximise productivity and achieve organisational excellence, investing in our VIMIGO system is imperative. We are here to ensure your employees are motivated to perform their best. Contact us to schedule a demo for VIMIGO now!

    What we achieved together?

    • We have served over 1250+ SMEs nationwide including Philippines, Singapore, Brunei in a wide range of industries from as few as 8 employees to over 1000 since 2018!
    • Whether big or small, our customers’ companies have reaped the benefits of the performance-based reward system!
    • And continue growing even during the Covid-19 pandemic!

    Our future plan!

    • vimigo is one of the fast-growing IT companies in Malaysia.
    • Has grown from initially 5 people to almost 40 for the past 3 years.
    • To expand further in South-East Asia, helping more SME entrepreneurs to digitize talent management in their companies.

    Meet the Management Team

    Our team of creative thinkers, professional talents, and problem-solvers thrives under an effective performance management system, enabling them to overcome challenges and consistently deliver effective solutions for your company.

    Shane Mun

    Shane Mun

    Founder & CEO
    Phillip Choong

    Phillip Choong

    CTO & Director
    Ricky Chong

    Ricky Chong

    Operations Manager
    Tze Lin Chong

    Tze Lin Chong

    Legal Advisor
    Allan Tan

    Allan Tan

    Strategy Advisor

    Our Strategic Partners