Elevating Logistics Industry Using 360-Degree Employee Performance Appraisal and Reward System

Best Reward Performance For Logistics Appraisal System

Optimising employee performance in logistics is crucial for attaining organisational excellence in today’s dynamic workplace. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to leverage the transformative potential of integrating an employee performance appraisal and reward system. Advanced digital solutions from VIMIGO let organisations measure employee performance holistically. Businesses learn about their employees’ strengths and weaknesses through peers, supervisors, and subordinates.

Recruiting and retaining qualified drivers is an ongoing challenge. Our VIMIGO system enables logistics companies to recognise and reward high-performing drivers, fostering a positive work environment. Businesses can attract and retain top talent by recognising and rewarding superior performance.

The importance of logistics quality to customer satisfaction cannot be overstated. A 360-degree appraisal system holds drivers accountable for their efficiency, thereby encouraging on-time deliveries and appropriate vehicle upkeep. Logistics companies can substantially reduce customer complaints and improve their reputation by proactively addressing the concerns of late deliveries or damaged goods.

Employee motivation and career growth are often neglected in the logistics sector. A good reward performance for logistics system can provide employees with distinct career paths and foster trust between employees and employers, increasing employee satisfaction and loyalty. Contact us to learn more about the VIMIGO system without worrying about the logistics industry’s recruitment, quality, and career development issues.

Top 3 Challenges in Logistic Industry

Difficulty in recruiting drivers

  • Drivers’ bad attitude
  • High turnover rate
  • Low wages & long working hours

Poor logistic quality

  • Drivers not delivering on time
  • Neglecting vehicle maintenance
  • Frequent customer complaints about damaged goods

Career development

  • Lack of clear goals & career planning
  • Lack of trust in the employer and company


Before vs After

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

Internal departmental disharmony can lead to quality issues in procurement, sales, and transportation processes, impacting the quality of goods and customer satisfaction.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Establish an incentive mechanism to encourage active participation of employees in team collaboration and customer service, thereby improving work efficiency and customer satisfaction. Rewards and incentives can take various forms such as performance bonuses, promotion opportunities, honors, and recognition.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

Delayed deliveries by drivers often disrupt transportation schedules, affecting the entire supply chain and resulting in additional costs and losses.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Implement a clock-in system to assess driver performance and reward those who excel, motivating them to be proactive and responsible. For example, evaluate driver performance based on workload, punctuality, cargo damage rate, and offer rewards such as bonuses, commissions, and promotions to those with outstanding performance.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

The logistic industry involves complex job roles and responsibilities. It is important to assign employees to suitable positions where they can maximize their value.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Adjust and optimize job role classifications and responsibilities through assessments and evaluations to enhance employee work efficiency and job satisfaction.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

Competitive salaries and benefits are necessary to attract and retain exceptional employees.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Adapt salary and benefits policies based on employee performance and market competition to maintain the company’s competitiveness.


Improving management efficiency

Use vimiCheck-in for drivers and delivery personnel to track their whereabouts. Collect data for more accurate route planning, reducing time-related costs.


Clear & Specific Goals

Set clear objectives for drivers, delivery personnel, and accompanying staff using vimiGoal. Link their productivity to the number of successful deliveries. This motivates them to handle goods more carefully and avoid incidents like breakage or wrong deliveries.


Personalized or multi-tiered incentive systems

In vimiSales, set personal commissions for drivers, delivery personnel, accompanying staff, and trailer operators, linked to the Delivery Order (DO) amount. This allows them to see the impact of their actions and take responsibility for the outcomes.

“From being a Customer Service representative, she went from earning RM10k to hitting over RM60k in 2022.”

SOLID XPRESS (M) SDN BHD - Michelle Chew, Manager


Enhancing company & brand reputation

Delivery drivers represent the company and often serve as customers’ first point of contact. Encourage customers to provide feedback on the driver’s service, including punctuality, politeness, and willingness to assist, through vimiReview. This enables timely feedback for employees and management, leading to improvements in service quality.

By Delivering The Right Activity at the Right Time, vimigo customers see:


Better Productivity


Improved Team Culture​


Sales Improved


Better Performance


Tan Lee Heng Import & Export: “Transform those who are not suitable into suitable individuals.”

Star Glory Asia M Sdn Bhd: “Recognize those who are willing to make an effort, recognize employees A, B and C!”

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