What is VIMIGO?

Bosses just need to do one thing well and the result is that employees can get a six-figure bonus?!

Unlock the Best Employee Performance Management Solution with Reward Software

Are you seeking for a game-changing way to improve employee performance and award administration? Look nowhere else. VIMIGO are the best employee performance management solution combined with reward software for your organization’s success in any industry, such as F&B industry, logistic industry, education industry and others.

Do you face common challenges as a manager or business owner? Are you struggling with:

  • Losing valuable employees because you’re too busy with sales to focus on management?
  • An unfair bonus distribution system that leaves high-performing employees feeling undervalued?
  • A decrease in work efficiency as your company grows rather than the expected improvement?

The good news is that VIMIGO implementation may assist you in solving these problems successfully. Successful leaders who use VIMIGO know the need to establish clear standards for each employee.

VIMIGO allows your business to set high standards for each department. Finding and rewarding high-performing individuals becomes a simple procedure once these criteria have been developed. You’ll discover who is committed to their task.

However, is it really that easy? Can establishing standards result in more effective motivating and fair rewards? Although setting standards is the initial step, the path is challenging.

You may be asking how VIMIGO manages to achieve all of this now. Before getting into the specifics, let’s look at VIMIGO’s history and how it may help your company overcome its issues. VIMIGO software is the best solution you’ve been searching for to supercharge your employee performance management and reward distribution. Let us guide you on a journey towards excellence and success.

According to our statistics, bosses who implement VIMIGO will do one important thing right:

That is, setting standards for everyone in the company!

Shane teaches you the theory of money distribution, vimigo helps you implement it.

“Being willing to distribute is a mindset, knowing how to distribute is an art”

Hi! I am Shane Mun, also a boss of a small and medium enterprise, with 16 years of practical experience, serving as a director of several companies with over tens of millions of turnover and an expert in talent data digital transformation!

At the age of 21, I successfully transformed a traditional hardware store with 15 employees into a chain store of bathrooms and kitchens —— BIG BATH, with 150 employees.

During this period, I tried many methods and invested millions in training courses to solve “employee management problems”. As a result, I established a tech company, integrating my practical experience to create a transparent performance reward system.

Now, I want to share with you the secrets of what I have learned and achieved, hoping that vimigo can help you overcome your business challenges.

Milestones of the Vimigo (Updated date: June 2022)

Over 1000+ companies are implementing Vimigo
Over 324 companies have DOUBLED up revenue using vimigo!!!
On average, employees use vimigo 4.5 hours a day across the platform
Over 1,042 companies had attended vimigo for team (VFT) 3-days class.
Over 1456 bosses and their employees participate in VFT

If I were to explain vimigo in one sentence...

If you search online now for ’employee motivation’, ‘how to reward employees correctly’, ‘talent management’, etc. You might find a variety of explanations and even some theories, but the solutions provided are not very effective.

Because everyone lacks a good performance reward system to help your business grow.

So, I will explain what vimigo is in one sentence:

vimigo is a transparent performance reward system

vimigo is a transparent performance reward system. Currently, we are the FIRST to develop a performance reward system in Malaysia. vimigo – which stands for Vision, Mission, Goal. We hope you and your employees will always remember your company’s vimigo.

In simple terms, it’s not an HR management system, a payroll system or even a clock-in system for work, we simply want to make the company’s performance reward system transparent, retaining the right people, letting the bad apples leave on their own.

But how to achieve this? I will show you three classic industries and how the bosses achieve it??


What are the standards for good customer service? It seems difficult to measure in vimigo.


Can the boss buy a car as a reward for employees?


How to use vimigo recuitment interview?

Which SMEs bosses are using vimigo?

These 4 bosses all achieved their current results after implementing it for a while.

Truth be told, these four bosses have all played the vimigo system very well, and they have also created their own unique reward systems

Education Industry

– BK Ideal Edu Sdn Bhd

F&B Supplier

– Golden Choice Marketing Sdn Bhd

Accounting & Audit Firm

– Ng Kim Heng Advisory Services Sdn Bhd

Interior Designer

– Interspace Management Sdn Bhd

Simply put, the company needs to set what good standards are for each department. Once standards are established, it’s easier to identify who the good employees are, reward them accordingly, and the bosses can clearly know who is performing and who is not.

What? Is it that simple? Setting standards can distribute money, and then employees self-motivate? However, it’s not that simple…

Next, you might want to ask yourself why setting good standards is the first step in distributing money? How bosses manage to do it?

Before we start, let me introduce the origins of Vimigo and make it clear how Vimigo can help to solve your business problems.

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