Empowering Wholesale & Trading Organization with Employee Incentive Reward System Based on Performance

Wholesale and trading companies have particular challenges that might limit development and profitability. These organizations struggle most with personnel efficiency and quality, talent retention, and cost management. An employee incentive reward system based on performance may help the organization overcome these problems and succeed in the wholesale and trading industry.

One of wholesale and trading organizations’ most challenging difficulties is fluctuating personnel efficiency and quality. By implementing VIMIGO’s wholesale performance management system, your organization may drive the employees to succeed. Rewards for mistake reduction and process improvements may revolutionise your team’s performance, eventually simplifying operations and improving customer happiness.

Talent retention issues are also often faced by wholesale and trading organizations. Retaining experienced workers for reliable operations may take time since workers sometimes leave their jobs to start their own businesses and make more money. However, organisations can keep their best employees and maintain stable operations by providing incentives based on their excellent performance using the VIMIGO system.

A well-planned system may encourage individuals to perform to the best of their abilities and foster a happy work environment. In contrast, a poorly constructed system can cause dissatisfaction and disengagement. Get our VIMIGO wholesale performance management system, now to motivate employees and improve organizational performance.

Top 3 Challenges in Wholesale & Trading Industry

Inconsistent employee efficiency & quality

  • Frequent order errors leading to logistical delays
  • Low efficiency
  • Lack of systematic work processes

Talent Retention

  • Challenging to retain experienced individuals for stable operations
  • Employees venture into entrepreneurship for higher earnings

Cost Control

  • High logistics, inventory & labor costs
  • Lack of systemization leading to inventory issues
  • Damaged goods cost


Before vs After

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

The wholesale & trade industry may experience rapid growth while facing a shortage of human resources. Job positions may be perceived as low-paying and lacking prospects, leading to reluctance in engaging in such work.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Establish quantifiable performance indicators and reward mechanisms, such as bonuses, promotion opportunities, and salary increases based on performance, to encourage employees to excel in their work.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

Employees often face direct customer feedback and evaluations, but an imperfect assessment system can result in unfair treatment and demotivation.

After Implementing VIMIGO

The evaluation mechanism should be fair, objective, and reflect employees’ actual performance. When establishing evaluation systems, consideration should be given to employees’ job responsibilities and requirements, adopting comprehensive evaluation methods such as customer satisfaction surveys and 360-degree evaluations.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

Insufficient team coordination can lead to unclear tasks and goals, task duplication, and wasted time.

After Implementing VIMIGO

In addition to individual performance rewards, the service industry can also consider team performance rewards to encourage cooperation and team spirit among employees.

Before Implementing VIMIGO​

The assurance of work quality is often influenced by various factors, such as the personal qualities of service staff and the emotions of customers.

After Implementing VIMIGO

Establishing clear service standards is crucial to ensure service quality. These standards should be based on customer needs and expectations, as well as industry best practices and benchmarks. Service standards should be measurable and tied to employee performance evaluations and reward mechanisms.


Clear & Specific Goals

Work goals in the wholesale and trade industry can be categorized as technical and non-technical. Through vimiGoal, management can set goals for technical tasks such as installation, maintenance, design, programming, or non-technical tasks such as service, operations, and administration, enabling employees to understand which key tasks are valued by the company.

When employees understand that their contributions are measured and rewarded, they feel valued and recognized. This improves employee satisfaction, loyalty, and reduces employee turnover rates and recruitment costs.


Individual or Multi-level Incentive Systems

In addition to sales or marketing positions, management can use vimiSales to provide individual commissions for technical personnel such as maintenance workers, designers, and developers, encouraging them to promote products or services and increase sales.

"With the vimiKnowledge feature, we have successfully addressed the mentorship challenge. Our mentors can easily transfer their skills to apprentices."

TOP 100 Legends - Yiewin Kang, Founder


Improving management efficiency & productivity

vimiCheck-in is a useful tool for business owners with multiple branches. It allows bosses and management to know employees’ attendance rates without frequent visits, reducing manual attendance record keeping and human errors.

Enhancing management efficiency in the wholesale and trade industry helps managers have real-time insights into employees’ work status and location, allowing for better work assignment and resource allocation.


Human Resources Deployment

With vimiLeave, employees can apply for leave, and HR or senior management can identify areas with staffing shortages through vimiCheck-in reports. This enables timely resource allocation, especially during peak seasons, ensuring smooth operations.

“One of our branch locations, which typically had sales around RM30,000, experienced a significant surge in sales after implementing VIMIGO, reaching six-figure numbers.”

Muci Hair Care - Nancy Mok, Management

By Delivering The Right Activity at the Right Time, vimigo customers see:


Better Productivity


Improved Team Culture​


Sales Improved


Better Performance


Hello Lubricant Sdn Bhd: “Not only sales increased, but we no longer have to worry about retaining talented employees. Seniors are also willing to work with and automatically promote new employees.”

Pasaraya Gemilang Muadzam: “After using VIMIGO for 5 months, our performance has improved by 30-40%!”


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