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Bridal Shop Precious Wedding: How to double performance & stand out from competitors?

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Bridal Shops in PJ SS2: How Precious Wedding Stands Out from Competitors?

Precious Wedding

In 2022, I aimed to double our Chinese New Year sales. What seemed like a mountain to climb turned into a victory for us!” East Chin proudly highlights the team’s remarkable success. So, what’s their winning formula?

East Chin is the visionary behind Precious Wedding Bridal Studio, leading a dedicated crew of approximately 80 people. Situated in the bustling hub of Petaling Jaya SS2, Precious Wedding occupies a 20,000 square-foot facility, featuring an impressive portfolio of 70 distinct wedding photo themes. Last year in 2022, they captured the special moments for over 1,200 newlyweds. 

Founded in 2009, Precious Wedding has won East Chin accolades like The Golden Bull Outstanding SME Award 2023 and the Emerging Magnificent Business Award at SHIPBA 2023, acknowledging her two decades of entrepreneurial milestones.

A Passion for Weddings

During high school, East Chin found joy in orchestrating wedding events for her friends. This early exposure ignited her passion, eventually leading her down the path of a career in the wedding industry. After completing her studies in event management, she launched a wedding planning venture with her friends.

Initially, she rented a shop upstairs in SS2, handling almost everything herself. Due to a lack of business mindset, the company couldn’t make profit. Inspired by a mentor, East Chin transitioned to wedding photography. She then moved her operations to a nearby bungalow and rebranded it as Precious Wedding Bridal Studio.

“We pioneered garden-themed weddings in Malaysia,” she recalls. “While mainstream in Western countries, this concept was a novelty here. Traditionally, locals preferred indoor restaurant weddings. Spotting an untapped niche, we made garden weddings our unique selling proposition and received overwhelming responses from our clientele.”

As more and more bridal studios (nearly 30 during peak time) sprouted on PJ SS2 Street, East and her team continuously introduced innovative photography themes. Precious Wedding also formed strategic collaborations with international bridal gown designers from Europe and America, providing couples with stylish, unique wedding attire at affordable prices.

Navigating COVID-19 Business Challenges

Considerable disruptions during MCO in 2020 forced many couples to postpone their wedding, thus seriously affecting Precious Wedding’s business. 

“Carrying immense responsibilities, our teamwork shone through. Some of my staff even voluntarily deferred their commissions, all with the shared goal of company survival,” East Chin remarks about her team’s loyalty during MCO.

“I also established an employee fund to help colleagues in need. I am fortunate that we did not have any layoff.”


vimiGoal & vimiTeam

vimigo helps boost performance in the Service Industry

During the pandemic, East discovered VIMIGO, a tool that became instrumental in her business strategy. This discovery made her start her VIMIGO journey. From attending classes herself to bringing her team to VIMIGO For Team offline courses, East Chin aimed to grow together with her team and create miracles.

With improved business mindset and skillset like OGSM and TCVR, East set an ambitious target in 2022 — doubling their Chinese New Year sales. With OGSM in hand, she drafted out strategies for her company. From there, she broke the main goal to smaller goals for every department and team member. These smaller goals were set in vimiGoal and vimiTeam, creating a system tightly interwoven with mutual interests.

“Despite all my core team members feeling skeptical, I had faith we could do it.” she said. Their collective efforts not only achieved but surpassed their target, boosting team morale significantly.


Unlocking Employee Potential with VIMIGO

With the help of VIMIGO toolsets, East identified untapped talent within her company. “Earlier, we didn’t provide a clear performance benchmark for our staff. After integrating VIMIGO’s performance reward system, high-performing staff began to emerge.”

“Regardless of your rank, if you hit CLASS A, you’ll be on my radar,” said East.

Transparent leadership is essential. It involves carefully outlining the organization’s vision, mission, strategies, objectives, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), facilitating better collaboration among departments. By understanding the boss’s standards, employees know which area they should put more effort in order to meet the common goal.

The Philosophy of Selflessness

“Long working hours are a norm in the service industry. Clients can feel whether you treat them genuinely.” Years later, the unspoken gratification when bumping into a past client on the street, now nurturing a beautiful family, or even returning for a portrait session together with their baby, is beyond words.

I did something meaningful.” East Chin is deeply moved as she and her team create beautiful memories of happiness and romance for newlyweds, embarking on a new journey in life. This feeling inspires her to take on a greater mission: to empower customers and her team, and ultimately herself.

Entrepreneurship is a practice that defies human nature. Sometimes, it seems like losses as we benefit others at the expense of our gains, and it looks like a slowdown as we make tiny progress. Entrepreneurs like East, who have crossed from 0 to 1, have gone through enduring thoughts, exploring the higher meaning of life – altruism. It signifies a lasting commitment to uplift everyone, be it clientele, employees, the supply chain, the industry, or country at large.

Cultivating a People-Centric Service Industry

The essence of service delivery focuses on human interaction. A rewarding work environment fosters employee engagement, which turns to superior customer service. Satisfied customers become brand advocates, further driving business growth.

Frontline employees need honor, middle level look for career development, while top management needs a vision for the future. VIMIGO equips businesses with essential mindset, skillset, and toolsets, helping SMEs develop effective performance reward systems based on different needs of employees at different levels. When everyone has a shared vision and a sense of belonging, the team is set to achieve collective success!

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