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How Dental Home cultivates and retains talents, and triples its revenue in 2 years

Healthcare Industry

The biggest challenge in the healthcare industry is retaining a skilled workforce. Medical professionals often need years of training and clinical experience, but many leave their jobs and open their own clinics after a few years. This shortage of talent means companies face lower productivity and service quality, which seriously affects their revenue as well as long-term growth.

Instead of letting doctors leave to start their own businesses, why not create an environment that incubate intrapreneurship within the company’s ecosystem.

After Dental Home implemented a performance-based reward system, adjusted its salary structure, and designed a promotion system to create a transparent and rewarding environment, Dental Home successfully hired 8 new dentists while retaining existing talented dentists. With competitive products and services, the company’s revenue has increased three-fold over the past two years!

Dental Home annual dinner 2024

Medical Ethics vs. Personal Interests

When it comes to the dental industry in Malaysia, there’s a moral dilemma between professional ethics and personal interests. The salary system commonly used for dentists is a personal-commission basis, giving the possibility for medical professionals to lean on personal interests rather than ethical considerations. A lack of transparency in this salary system further compromises patient well-being.

Dr. Shaun has been in the dental field over the past decade. Like many fresh graduates, he started working as a junior dentist on a full 6-day per week basis. During those early years, he was reserved about the salary system in the dental industry.

One incident left a deep impression on him: a patient who walked in without an appointment was asked to come back the next day simply because the dentist assigned to him wasn’t working that day.

“Why not let the dentist on duty that day see the patient? Why make the patient wait another day when he is already in pain?”

Additionally, a friend of Dr. Shaun who was also a dentist overworked and developed chronic gastritis illness due to irregular meal times. During the two months of hospitalization, he lost income stream and didn’t even receive a visit from his employer.

This incident prompted Dr. Shaun to strive for reforms in the dental industry to improve patient and dentist welfare.

“In terms of dental field, many dentists reach a point where they are inclined to leave their workplace, or hope to increase their expertise by learning from senior dentists. I hope to create an environment where we can pass on our skills and benefit our society.”

Dr. Shaun Tan (front middle) and his business partner Dr. Khoo Shun Wei (front left) founded Dental Home in 2018.

Individual Achievement Comes From Team Effort

Dr. Shaun Tan is a co-founder of Dental Home. Since its establishment, the company has grown from a single dental clinic to three establishments, with a team of 42 staff and 15 dentists as of February 2024.

Different from the common practice in the dental industry, Dental Home adopts a compensation structure comprising basic salary, individual rewards, and team rewards.

Dr. Shaun acknowledged that there were indeed job candidates who did not agree with Dental Home compensation structure.

“However, the majority of our dentists are referrals from those already working with us.”

“I aim to instill a collective dream and goal for our team to achieve collaboratively. That’s why we have our unique compensation system. I strongly believe that an individual’s accomplishment is not solely based on their personal efforts but on the collective hardwork of the entire team.”

How To Reward Fairly

During an installation of a new air conditioner, the technician asked Dr. Shaun did him a favor by giving customer review. Felt intrigued, Dr. Shaun contacted the owner of the aircon service company, which led him to learn about VIMIGO.

“We had an unfair reward system before using VIMIGO. Our staff weren’t motivated to work, often relying on the boss to solve problems, and good employees weren’t recognized.”

In fact, during the first four years since the establishment, only four employees resigned. Although the turnover rate was lower than the market average, Dr. Shaun felt that there was still room for improvement. “I remember when the second employee resigned, I sat alone in my car, reflecting quietly on where I had done wrong…”

After attending a preview to learn more about VIMIGO, Dr. Shaun felt that VIMIGO aligned with his principles. He decided to sign up for the VIMIGO system, taking the time to attend classes to learn business management.

vimiGoal & vimiTeam

Clear Goal • Career Roadmap

Dr. Shaun uses VIMIGO to classify employees into different levels: CLASS A/B/C. He emphasizes team effort and sets clear responsibilities and goals for his people through vimiGoal. If they achieve at least the minimum standard, which is CLASS B or above, they receive additional vimiTeam rewards.

“It seems that the company’s system favors those who achieve CLASS A, but in reality, it eliminates bad apples who lack willingness to work.”

At Dental Home, every employee has a vimiRoadmap to provide guidance for their advancement and improvement.

My goal for Dental Home is to cultivate doctors with medical ethics. We follow Haidilao, where one senior dentist oversees three branches, mentors three apprentices, and shares profits when new branches make profits. This encourages intrapreneurship among our people to work together with the company.”

In terms of daily operations, Dental Home uses vimiChallenge to reduce the likelihood of staff shortage due to taking leave during public holidays.

“Of course, after implementing VIMIGO, there are still issues like employees questioning why others have simpler goals. But I believe these issues are not the main focus. The focus is on the willingness of the team to work together towards a common interest.”

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In January and August 2023, Dr. Shaun brought his core team to attend VIMIGO classes.

“When being asked why I came again, I said, ‘To build a better team and make my team work more comfortably. As a boss, you need to continue improving and be strong to realize the vision you set, so as to give happiness and freedom to your people who have great faith in you.'”

Dr. Shaun brought his core team to attend VIMIGO classes in August 2023. He and his team worked together to complete Lego Game

Talent Management • Talent Cultivation

In the past two years of implementing the VIMIGO performance reward system, Dental Home has seen 11 staff leave while bringing in 40 new members.

“We know very clearly who is part of our team. Those without the desire have mostly left the company, and whoever stays are our All Star Team.” said Dr. Shaun. 

“Now our team is self-initiative without us micro-manage them. We’ve basically retained all our talents.”

Dr. Shaun used to work six days a week but gradually reduced it to 3-4 days. He now has more time for business planning, one-on-one mentoring, and spending time with family. Once, he was away on a month-long business trip, and the company continued to operate as usual.

“Our revenue has tripled in the past two years. Achieving what everyone thought was impossible in the industry with the team is something we’re proud of. When we meet our targets for the month, we close our clinic and celebrate together. The work relationship in our company is becoming better. In the increasingly competitive dental industry, we’ve managed to stand out and create our unique selling point in the market. This achievement has given much confidence to our team.

“Earlier, we had a customer leaving a comment on Xiaohongshu saying our prices were high. I was quite touched by one of our members who stepped up and explained to the customer the value of Dental Home services.”

This year in 2024, Dr. Lee Hwee Shan from Dental Home received the Best Improvement of The Year award at the VIMIGO IIO Award Night. Dr. Lee joined Dental Home after completing her undergraduate training and, within a year, significantly improved her clinical and communication skills with patients, leading to a fourfold increase in performance for the new clinic!

Entering the third year of implementing VIMIGO, Dr. Shaun plans to design the diamond system, and car and house incentive plan, hoping to bring more attractive rewards to the team.

Dr. Lee Hwee Shan from Dental Home received the Best Improvement of The Year award at the VIMIGO IIO Award Night 2024

People over Profit

Transitioning from a medical professional to a business owner, Dr. Shaun considers himself a “service-oriented boss.”

“Whenever my staff talk to me, I listen quietly. Then we discuss together how to make things better. Ever since Dental Home was established for 5 years, we nurture our support staff with care even though they only have SPM qualification.”

Dr. Shaun emphasizes that the VIMIGO app is just a tool to make things transparent and help employers realize their beliefs, principles, and strategies. Whether it works ultimately depends on the boss’s determination.

“Honestly speaking, to me, VIMIGO is only suitable for employers who genuinely want the best for their employees and care about their future. Whether VIMIGO works or not largely depends on the employers themselves.”

In the healthcare industry, when to make “profit-driven” or “people-driven” decisions put the business owner’s wisdom to the test.

“I hope that one day, all of us dentists can sit down, have tea together, and discuss dental pathology solutions instead of blindly competing in business.”

VIMIGO witnesses Dr. Shaun’s efforts to reform the dental compensation system. No doubt, dentist income may decrease when the system prioritizes team effort and patient well-being over personal interests. In the long run, however, dentists are more fulfilled, and their career development is more secure.

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