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Local supermarket successfully addressed a three-year performance bottleneck using Vimigo.

vimigo helps supermarkets and retail wholesalers by setting reasonable and clear goals through its system. It motivates and rewards employees in the right way, ultimately helping businesses overcome performance bottlenecks and achieve breakthroughs in their performance.

The business of my competitors across the street in the retail industry doubles every year, while my business has not seen any growth in the past three years.


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Local Supermarket overcame a three-year performance bottleneck by using Vimigo, achieving a performance increase of 30-40% in just 3 months!

vimigo, through its system, sets “reasonable” and “clearly consistent” goals for supermarkets and retail wholesalers, motivating and rewarding employees in the right way to help businesses overcome performance challenges.

One retail entrepreneur who experienced a three-year performance bottleneck encountered the following problem: “My competitors across the street double their business every year, while my business hasn’t seen any growth in the past three years.” When they wanted to make reforms, they discovered that the biggest issue was their employees.

Previously, the entrepreneur believed that simply working from morning till night and staying busy would be enough to grow the business. However, they eventually realized that the lack of goals in the company was the main culprit for the lack of progress, resulting in unmotivated employees day after day. Especially during peak sales on holidays, employees would take leave for various reasons, and the company’s performance had no correlation with their actions. The boss often found themselves alone in the store, handling everything from counting inventory to finalizing sales orders, and even working overtime to manage the accounts.

Does the company not have accountants, warehouse managers, salespersons, or merchandisers? In fact, they have all the necessary professional staff, but without the boss’s guidance, they wouldn’t take initiative to do their tasks, nor would they know which important tasks to prioritize.

Since implementing the vimigo system, the company has achieved a performance increase of 30-40% in just 3 months. Through vimiGoal, employees now have a clear understanding of their work objectives. By utilizing a performance-based reward system, the company’s performance and the employees’ interests are intertwined, making employees more concerned about the company’s sales than the boss.

The employees have become more united, taking initiative and achieving results without waiting for the boss’s instructions. The boss now has more time to focus on market development and break through bottlenecks.

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