vimigo’s mission is to empower small and medium-sized businesses to thrive and prosper by harnessing the power of technology to motivate and retain good team members. Happy workers, happy bottom line.


Transparent Performance
Reward System

A system of mindset, skillset, and toolset, to help SMEs achieve results, retain talent, and recognize the right people using our transparent performance reward system.




Set goals and rewards for the team

Management can assign goals for their team members.The Boss can set rewards in terms of money, gifts or both with any desired percentage. Team members are entitled to earn the rewards if they managed to surpass the percentage.


The multi-tier commission structure for salespersons

vimiSales motivates salespersons to hit higher target for more commission. Different from the traditional formula, vimiSales helps control company budget and use market budget to reward top salespersons.



Align your people and share profits together

With vimiTeam, everyone’s interest is bound to work together towards a common goal. When everyone achieves his personal goals, vimiTeam will unlock the budget as rewards for the entire team. Even support staff are rewarded too.



Healthy competition among your team members

vimiLeaderboard creates an environment of healthy competition among your team members as they strive for the podium. The purpose is to rank your members in a gamified system, and recognize top performers based on results.



Facilitate employee onboarding and knowledge transfer

With vimiKnowledge, the employee onboarding process and knowledge transfer becomes so easy. It keeps all information and videos accessible in one place. Seniors can also save their time from teaching newcomers again and again.



Customize rewards setting

vimiReward allows setting customized rewards and incentives. The rewards can be in the form of monetary like laptop subsidy, car loan subsidy, or shopping vouchers, and non-monetary incentives such as fringe benefits or training opportunities.



Keep employees' reward in their virtual wallet

vimiBank helps retain your good employees by keeping your employees' reward in their virtual wallet. Your staff will not resign easily when there are cash rewards in their vimiBank account waiting to be cashed out on maturity date. Otherwise, their rewards will be distributed equally to other team members.



Easily schedule announcements for your entire company

Management can quickly develop and schedule announcements and communicate information concisely, ensuring that all team members receive the company’s notice as soon as possible.



Apply, approve, and track leave applications

Employees can apply for leave requests while managers can approve using the APP at their convenience. This feature comes in handy when the manager needs to re-allocate manpower real-time based on attendance records.

vimiLeave home


Check-in anywhere, anytime, on any device

With vimiCheck, you're assured that your team can work effectively at the comfort of their home. Employees no longer need to punch cards at the office every single time. Off-site staff are also able to check in as they are on the go.





Create fun challenges

Management can create small activities or fun challenges where team members can choose to join and enhance their team spirit. Management can assign vimiBadge or vimiRewards to the winners.



Reward and give benefits to the right people

By classifying your people into Class A, B or C, this helps companies to reward top performers publicly and give benefits to the right people.



Gamifies your employee career development

Like playing a game, employees collect points to level up in his career path. Employees will be very certain that their hard work will pay off as they can see their bright future down the road.

vimiBoss App

Specially designed for the management to keep track of data and manage everything all in one glance using just a smartphone.

All-in-one HR

From performance management to HR admin, our integrated platform can solve all your problems easily!


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in action?

Let’s check it out how to make good use of vimigo features, different
combinations of features can reach different effect.

Let’s check it out how to make good use of vimigo features, different combinations of features can reach different effect.

Boost Performance

Reward people not just for good sales but also achieving internal company goals and good teamwork. The combination of these 3 features can boost the performance of the team.


Build Team Spirit

Make good use of combining vimiGoal, vimiSales and vimiTeam. It not only can boost up the sales but also build up the team spirit between different department.


Keep Growing

Plan a career path to motivate your team, save their part of earnings to welfare fund and transfer knowledge regularly. Keep growing and improving with your team!


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