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VK3D: Owning a Mercedes is no longer exclusive to the bosses!

3D Visualizer for Interior Design Industry

How employee redeem their benefits ?

VK3D:Owning a Mercedes is no longer exclusive to the bosses!

3D Visualizer – VK3D based at Johor Bahru uplifts employees’ quality of life through its Class A rewards mechanism. This provides employees with the opportunity to:

  • Own a car without the need for an upfront payment of up to RM20,000.
  • Enjoy additional company-sponsored car loan subsidies of up to 50% of their basic salary every month.
  • Experience the freedom of a non-binding contract.
  • Access to a personal car—this is not a company car.
  • Enjoy subsidy while having stable basic income.

How to get that ?

vimiClass & EWF

Company offers 2x offer!

To retain talent, it’s essential to help them envision their future. VK3D Founder, Vincent Kan mentioned “once the Class A employee accumulated up to RM 10,000 in their EWF car fund, we will top up another RM 10,000 to pay for down-payment of new car.” This means employees only need to think about the type of car they want, without worrying about the initial payment. They just need to strive to achieve Class A status through their efforts.

As long as you’re the right person, the company delivers on its promises, and when it promises, it delivers rewards.

The commitment of the boss to deliver what was promised and allowing employees to see through the vimigo system what achievements lead to what rewards, builds confidence and trust in the employees towards the company’s commitments.

The implementation of the Class A rewards system and the Employee Welfare Fund (EWF) has helped sustain the employees’ passion for achieving Class A status. Simultaneously, this has enabled VK3D to enhance their employees’ quality of life.

VK3D:It’s Not Just the Bosses Anymore, Anyone Can Drive a Mercedes! VK3D Empowers the Team to Own Their Dream Car~

Sources:VK3D Studio Facebook

In addition, VK3D also applied the same Class A rewards mechanism recently to help another employee earn a brand-new Proton X50 Flagship for “Free” !

Sources:VK3D Studio Facebook

Vincent Kan believes, “The success of a company isn’t measured solely by how much the boss earns or the type of car they drive, but by the ability to empower those who follow you to also prosper and enjoy the same level of comfort.”

“Providing interior designers with high-quality 3D visualizations to facilitate successful deals” and “enhancing the quality of life for drafters” are the core missions that VK3D stands by 💪.

More about VK3D

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