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8TV Interview: Bosses' Dilemma - Feelings vs. Salaries?

Today’s highly diverse work environment is putting many companies to the test – striking the right balance between management and productivity. Should an employee aim to achieve his own ambition or work for their employers? Should a boss have a heart-to-heart or only discuss pay with his staff? Can there be a win-win situation for both employers and employees?

8TV Interview:
Bosses' Dilemma - Feelings vs. Salaries

There is a joke making the rounds in the market: “Today bosses look for employees who are willing to work for a salary rate of the 70’s, committed like the 80’s, and energetic like the 00s.” This simply suggests that bosses are just too tight-fisted these days. On the other hand, the younger generation nowadays would rather become cab drivers, livestream hosts, or internet celebrities. Compared with a 9-to-5 job, they prefer to have greater control over their lives yet possibly earn more than the average.

But of course, many HRs do come across bizarre job applicants, e.g., those who get their mothers to attend interviews, those who said they won’t work overtime, won’t respond to messages during leave, and will only work within their job scope. No doubt, their fussiness can scare off a lot of employers.

So, should a boss have a heart-to-heart or only discuss pay with his employee? How can a company formulate an effective performance management system that is beneficial for both the company and employees without incurring extra cost? How can fair compensation and benefits be offered to attract and retain talent? Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home and other flexible work arrangements has taken its toll on companies in managing work productivity.

The 8th episode of the fourth season of “Financial Fourteen Lines” invited Shane Mun, CEO of vimigo, and Datin Yap Shin Siang, the President and Financial Expert of YYC Group, to share the secret of creating a win-win for employers and employees.

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