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get yourself together

One view to rule them all

Bring clarity to your team, and to yourself. See the whole picture. Invest to grow your most important asset, your people. vimigo improves your organization and management of the employee experience, so you work on your business, not in it.

scalability and automation

Grow your business with smart automation tactics

Turn your auto-pilot on once you use vimigo to set up clear systems for your teams to follow for sales and company goals. It is easy to duplicate and personalise each structure to suit an individual team member or a team, then watch the magic happen. Team members are driven to achieve their targets and complete organisational tasks, and do it well.

on-demand commissions visibility

Real-time tracking of sales progress, results and rewards

Drive motivating sales behaviour with incentive compensation and on-demand commissions visibility. vimigo increases the accuracy and efficiency of the sales commission process, and enables you to make informed decisions and scale quickly within the system. See projected revenue and commission expenses whenever you want and wherever you are.

The most important asset to grow your business is your people. Don't leave it to chance.

vimigo helps you to build a company culture that is fostered by positive work environments. The best businesses run on great human experience - Invest in making them better for you, your team members, and your customers.

After implementing vimigo, we are able to structure our business to be more transparent. The staff are clear on their objectives and goals which helps them focus on their work. This has greatly improved our firm’s productivity. Our management is now able to monitor underperforming staff, and provide personalised feedback to them individually. This has helped refine our staff training and help them improve themselves.

Koh Teck Peng, KTP - Founder & CEO

After using vimigo, both my employees and management are now aligned with our founder’s direction, moving towards a shared vision. Employees are now taking their own initiative to achieve more and complete tasks with less errors!

Karen Lau, Derex Engineering - Director

Koh Teck Peng, KTP - Founder & CEO

Karen Lau, Derex Engineering - Director