vimigo’s mission is to empower small and medium-sized businesses to thrive and prosper by harnessing the power of technology to motivate and retain good team members. Happy workers, happy bottom line.


Vimigo App Helps Motivate Employers and Employees To Increase Sales & Achieve Co. Goals

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Shane Mun, founder of Vimigo app says the idea came about so his family’s business that he’s running – Big Bath Sdn Bhd is able to set a clear and transparent business so that all staff are well-compensated and to assure both employer and management are aligned with the company’s direction.

“Vimigo app was created to help Big Bath manages the staff. We have over 100 staff and it’s not easy to ensure everyone shares the same vision and mission. As our sales department is quite big, we tend to focus on them as in giving commission and sales targets. However, we found out that our system is not fair for other departments,” he says.

Shane Mun, founder of vimigo app.

“Most of the time, the salesperson will get rewards after they’ve achieved their targets, but not for the support team. This unfair situation somehow makes others become demotivated to work and not committed to doing their best. So, I’m finding ways how to solve this issue to make sure everyone is happy at work. Hence, Vimigo is founded.”

Vimigo app, solution for SMEs

The app Vimigo, that stands for ”Vision, Mission, Go” didn’t take off right away. Shane decided to try the app for Big Bath first to see the progress and positive changes it could make in the company. Surprisingly, the app helps to steer the company’s in the right direction and assure both employer and management share the same company’s vision and mission.

“Along the way, some of my friends from SMEs asked me how did I solve the issue. I told them about Vimigo and they requested me to share the app. Since then, we realised that SMEs are facing the same problem as ours and they need this solution. So, we started to sell the software to the market to help SMEs.

The idea behind Vimigo

Asked about how he got the inspiration to create the app, Shane mentions that he’s an IT graduated. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the chance to work in the IT-related field because he’s responsible to continue the family’s business legacy. Nevertheless, with the knowledge and skills, he managed to create an app to help the company’s management runs smoothly.

Setting up clear systems for companies

Vimigo helps to solve critical issues in a company’s management as in sales growth and the overall organisation of a business. It helps to set up clear systems for the teams to follow for sales and company goals. With this app, team members are driven to achieve their targets and complete organisational tasks.

Putting Grab app as an example, Shane elaborates that Vimigo is similar as in providing the same kind of tools as what Grab is doing where employers can set customised rewards or incentives for the staff via the app.

Helping SMEs to grow faster

“Vimigo is a performance reward system. Meaning, the app gives reward based on performance. If you asked me whether there’s any software available in the market that does not just give reward but motivate the staff, my answer is only us, Vimigo.”

“Most of the apps available in the market focus on helping business owners to optimise the operation but hardly on motivating staff to help the company grows. Vimigo, on the other hand, benefits both sides – employer and employees. With this app, employers can gain more profit and at the same time employees can get extra rewards or incentives,” he explains.

Growing fast in the market

Since the app was made available in the market last three years, it had more than 600 companies using it – thanks to its simple and clean interface design.

Unexpectedly, the app does not only cater to sales companies. Shane further elaborates that most customers came from different backgrounds – accounting firm, F&B, tuition centre and also supermarkets. Bottom line, they found out that this app is really helpful for the service industry.

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