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How to Engage Employees Through Company Vision

Do you have a vision for your company that your employees are struggling to carry out? I’m sure your managers and staff hear what you’re saying, but do they understand? Do they carry out your vision into action? Do they get the results you and your customers or clients desire?

In 1923, Walt Disney & Co had a simple vision. Their vision is to be the “world’s leading producers of entertainment and information.” It has led it to be one of the biggest entertainment brands in the world for almost 100 years. Their success depends on having a solid vision for the future. They did this by employing a dedicated and engaged team to make their dream a reality. Through their clear vision, they managed to keep everyone on the same page.

To achieve a similar vision, employees need to align with their company’s values. They are more likely to stay if they are aware and align with the company’s vision. Organisations with more engaged staff have 51% higher productivity. Engaged employees outperform disengaged workers by 20-28%. Solution? Let us show you to engage employees through company vision.

Reinforce company vision with employees’ goals

Tie up the vision of the company with the employees’ goals. It ensures that everyone is working toward the same thing. At the end of the day, this is what makes them come to work each day. Late Tony Hsieh enforces his company’s vision by giving the best customer service. The former CEO of Zappos mentioned that Zappos is a customer service company. It happens that they sell shoes. 

As you can see, Tony created Zappos’s culture on the customer experience. Every staff understands this and shares the same aim every day. When someone delivers excellent customer service, that person will ring a bell. Then everyone celebrates. It is their motivational tactic. It helps to remind each employee of the impact they can have on the company’s overarching vision.

Give recognition to employees who achieve goals that align with the vision. Acknowledgement can range from a thank you in a town hall meeting to a handwritten note or a small gift card. Zappos designed reward programs to motivate everyone to live by the vision statement. For example, staff can earn and reward Zappos dollars. Employees then use these Zappos dollars to shop in the internal Zollar store for fun prizes.

Promote the company vision and make sure it’s visible

The vision needs to be concise and relatable to all staff for the idea to be visible to all. For example, IKEA keeps its vision statement simple — “A better everyday life.” They share this vision not only with their employees but also with their customers. Creating a stronger relationship between them and their customers is important to IKEA. They want it more of a partnership than a typical customer-store relation. 

IKEA likes using words such as “we” and “together” to attract customers.  It makes it easier for employees to see the impact the company’s vision has on the business’s success. They can see the vision statement in practice. Do the same at your organization. Show your staff how the vision statement transformed into action.

Set a goal every week for the staff to show the value that gives to understand the vision. Offer incentives and find ways to gamify and track individual progress. Celebrate with your team when you achieve success. Make things fun and get everyone involved. Design your activities around the company’s unique culture.

Consistently promote company vision

To help the company move in the right direction, you need to talk about the core values. You can’t place your company’s vision on the poster and expect everyone to follow. You need to communicate your vision as often as possible. Use it on every medium that you have in person, email, town hall meetings, etc.

You do it long past the point where it gets boring for your staff. You repeat your key strategies, objectives, and priorities. You take the time to articulate who you are and what you want to be daily. You have to do this because people perceive information in different ways. Only through constant repetition do people begin to digest and understand.

In conclusion, it is significant to engage employees through the company vision. It is the backbone of any successful business. It’s crucial to get your team members on board and on the same page to carry out your company’s goals. No doubt, keeping your employees glowing can be overwhelming. If you take the time and effort to communicate your vision, you will give your staff a sense of purpose. 

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