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How To Give Promotions that You Will Not Regret

It’s a good feeling for business owners when you get to the point that you can promote one of your staff to a new position. Giving raises, bonuses, and promotions are part of the parcel as the top management. Yet, there are still chances that you might give a promotion that you might regret.

Meet Hazri. He got promoted to a management position after working with his company for five years. He seemed suitable for the promotion of his dedication and commitment to the company. Despite adopting the company mission as his own and producing quality work, he had some issues. He struggles to manage his workload and his team members. As a result, the quality of his work has decreased, and the morale on his team is very low.

Unfortunately, many of us are all too familiar with promotion regret. Making a wrong decision can be a long-lasting effect and be detrimental to your firm’s success. Here are some tips to consider before promoting your next employee.

Do not promote with the wrong reasons

Promoting employees for the wrong reason at the wrong time can affect a company’s success. It also can affect employee morale. According to Gallup analytics, many organisations have failed to hire talented candidates. More than 80% of the time!

Please avoid the following reasons when you are considering giving promotions:

  • The staff is a friend
  • They are most likely to quit otherwise
  • You need to fill the position fast
  • They worked at the firm for a long time
  • They seem bored in their current position

Assess the right skills

Should we test a candidate for promotion based on his performance in the current job? We should check his capabilities to do the intended job instead. In the end, the employee only stops going up once they can no longer do the job well. 

Like when you’re buying a new car, when promoting a staff, don’t buy before you test. Check the employee’s ability to perform well in the new position before making a decision. Try to give the staff an assignment that resembles what they would be working on in the new role. It can give you a better idea of how they’ll perform after the check on their assignment. 

Besides assessing staff performance, ask for feedback from other colleagues. About 40% of employees feel that decision-makers failed to ask their opinions. Rather than relying only on your evaluation of staff, bring others in on the decision. They can assist you in providing insight on the employee you wouldn’t get otherwise. It will help you make better decisions and show appreciation to your employees.

Provide clear communication
How you inform the staff and the entire company of promotion is crucial. Failure to communicate well can lead to resentment and reduce motivation in employees. Explain to the team why you are giving a promotion to that particular employee. It’s to prove that you provide a promotion to the employee for a valid reason. It also helps their peers understand and support your decision. Additionally, this can act as a motivational tool for your staff. 

Inform your staff that you will give promotions based on a few factors. It includes skills, performance, personality and experience. You will not provide promotions based only on seniority. Offer them chances to get the required skills if they want to go into management. Give them books, podcasts and articles and send them for training for the skills required.

Ensure fairness with clear evaluation criteria
Please consider the following steps to ensure fairness in the internal promotion process.

Examine past performance. Should see the staff skills, work habits and other critical attributes needed for success. Do not undermine them because they don’t have the exact experience.

Talk to other supervisors. Talk to relevant supervisors who can are trustworthy, discreet and honest.

Collect documents, if need be. Review their performance evaluations, CV, and assessment results. It will help you to understand the candidates better if you don’t know them well beforehand.

Avoid favouritism and personal issues. Give the best person for the job, someone who can work well with co-workers and subordinates. Do not give promotions because you know them well or they are your close friends.

We all treat promotions with warm receptions. Yet, don’t use it as the primary approach to reward employees for their hard work. Of course, there is an exception to it if there is a need to promote someone at the time. We should not give promotions based on the employee’s want for growth. We should do it based on the organizational needs for development.

Vimigo can assist you in making better decisions in promoting your staff. We have a performance reward system software – an app that gives rewards based on performance. Using the latest technology, we can transform your average workers into great ones. Check out our website to know more.

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